Hello, I’m Anja! And the furry thing right next to me is Sui, my loyal 9 y.o. Border Collie. Since I’m able to think I’m living with dogs and having a great fascination in working with them. While at school I spent nearly every afternoon having fun with Sui and teaching her new tricks, while she's been always by my side when I met with friends as well. Besides I was always interested in art and illustration, what let me to study communication design in Würzburg, Germany.

Since then I started the project Dogscanbark. I picked awesome images of numerous dogs on Instagram and tried to draw them in an abstract and sketchy style. As my drawings drew more and more attention to Instagram dog owners, some asked me if they could commission images of their dogs as well. So I also started drawing especially for dog owners!

Since then I was thinking about letting you guys know more of my work, the process behind it, Sui and me. And here we are on my website! :) Showing more of my life with Dogs and things I’m thinking about, as well as giving you the needed information on how to get your precious dogs drawn ;)

Have fun browsing and greetings from Sui! (Bark, bark!)